Abuse Referrals


Acupuncture Referrals


Drug Free Babies 707-565-7457

Birth Centers

Birth Center Referrals

Breastfeeding Referrals

Breastfeeding Referrals

  • Lactation Consultants – coming soon

Car Seats

Car Seat Referrals

  • Car Seat Safety Program 707-585-6108

Childbirth Class Referrals

Childbirth Class Referrals

Birthing from Within

  • Melanie Corrigan – Sister Moon Doula 707-318-0981 Private and group classes
  • Pamela Augustine pamaugustine@comcast.net 707-824-1231 Private classes



Independent Educators


Childcare Referrals

Child Care Referrals

  • Joanna’s Nannies 707-694-1033
  • Community Child care Council of Sonoma County 707-544-3077
  • Rhonda Nuerberg (Rohnert Park) 707-586-1341
  • Lily Hahn (Novato) 707-827-6175
  • Courtney Hyde (Petaluma) 707-393-1843
  • Stephanie Archundia (Rohnert Park) 707-775-1963
  • Jeanna Cybulski (Petaluma) 707-779-2828
  • Vikki Wright (Santa Rosa) 707-548-9369
  • Amber Walker (Rohnert Park) 707-849-5906
  • Crystal Comyns (Rohnert Park) 707-332-1102


Chiropractor ReferralsSonoma County:

Sonoma County:

Marin County:

Napa County:

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Cranial Sacral Referrals

Scott Engler 707-953-1441


Doula Referrals

  • Birth doulas – coming soon
  • Postpartum doulas – coming soon

Family Practice Doctors

Family Practice Doctor Referrals

  • Dr. Kathleen Whisman: (707) 823-6997 (Sebastopol)
  • Dr. Benjamin Jewell: (707) 252-4972 (Napa)
  • Craig Gillespie:
  • Dr. Rain Moore: (occidental)
  • Dr. Denise Cooluris: (hill park medical center)


Fitness Referrals


Hospital Referrals

  • Children’s Hospital and research Center (Oakland) 510-428-3000
  • Kaiser Permanente (members only) 707-765-3415
  • Sutter medical Center Santa Rosa 707-576-4000
  • St. Joseph Health System 707-546-3210


Homeopathy Referrals

Infant Loss

Infant Loss Referrals

Infant Massage

Infant Massage Referrals

  • Community Child care Council of Sonoma County 707-544-3077
  • Healthy family Living 707-996-3545

Lactation Conultant

Lactation Consultant Referrals

Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist Referrals

  • Megan Wilson: 707-849-2747 (Santa Rosa)
  • Jena Vincent: 707-849-2217 (Santa Rosa)
  • Nadine Panasik: 707-778-8806
  • Kathy Chism: 707-575-7707
  • Ohana Therapeutic Massage – Sharon DeLaura: 760-585-5500
  • Bona Sante (Melissa Lawrence): 707-773-1711 (Santa Rosa, Petaluma)
  • Martha Paul: 707-327-6037 (Glen Ellen)
  • Back in Motion – Angie Sutliffe: (Rohnert Park)


Midwife Referrals

Naturopathic Doctors

Naturopathic Referrals

Ob Gyn

OB Gyn Referrals

  • Dr. Lela Emad 707-579-1102
  • Dr. Jonathan Davies 707-263-9036
  • Dr. Paul Amara 707-938-3300
  • Dr. Susana Gonzales 707-251-1850
  • Dr. Anthony Kosinski 707-763-2900 (Petaluma, Marin)
  • Erin Lunde:
  • Dr. Denode: (Sutter, Sebastopol)


Parenting Referrals


Pediatrician Referrals

    • All care providers listed are breastfeeding, intact and vaccine friendly, meaning they support human milk for human babies, know proper care of intact baby boys and are not pushy with vaccine schedules. Please contact me if you find this to be untrue by experience!

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Referrals


Pregnancy Referrals


Sleep Referrals


Therapy Referrals